– and the Prize Writer Competition: A personal statement from Conrad Murray


As organiser of the Prize Writer competition I have been uncharacteristically silent for a while – and our competition entrants deserve an explanation of what has been going on – and to receive an update on what will happen in future.

Some people will be aware that I have been in the throes of a relationship breakdown which manifested itself in January and February but which probably commenced a great deal earlier.

That relationship had endured as steady as a rock for 27 years and throughout that period I held my then partner in great esteem. The break-up was acrimonious and she moved in with her thirty nine year old daughter, Charlotte, with the stated purpose of “saving her from herself”. Anyone who has read about Charlotte in the Mail on Sunday and any of the British newspapers will be aware that this is a task of Herculean proportions and I wish Susannah well in her endeavours. was and always has been a joint project with Susannah and it was perhaps inevitable it would not have survived the breakdown.  In late February and early March moves were set afoot which resulted in my loss of control of the content, and like the house, the business bank accounts, which were solely under Susannah’s control, all were systematically emptied.

It has taken three weeks to successfully regain control of the content, the domain, the email – and put the site back online. which is why you are able to read this. But my guess is that if Charlotte is involved – and I speak from long experience of dealing with Charlotte – the money is gone forever.

I now have to take a decision as to how to proceed and clearly the first requirement is to pay the Prize Writer Competition winners. In the absence of any money from the business accounts it will have to be paid from my own resources. There are some legal complications in doing this (which I am happy to detail if anyone wants to ask) but I hope to have this completed by 31st April 2015.

In respect of the website, as effectively it is in joint control of two partners now in dispute, my legal team state that it will require agreement of both parties before any decisions can be taken.

I am sure you will realise that this looks extremely unlikely but I will endeavour to keep you posted.


Conrad Murray